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Tagliatelle can well be called Lasagna’s “grandchild”. It was first mentioned back in the XV century, by the famous pasta maker Maestro Martino: in his cookbook, Libro de Arte Coquinaria, he described it as “pasta as wide as a small finger”, cut “in the shape of bindelle, or, strings”. Shortly afterwards, also Cristoforo di Messinbugo, in his Banquets: how to prepare meals and set the table, (which was published posthumously in 1549) mentioned a recipe that called for a pasta format described as “lasagnuolle, which is to say, shredded tagliatelle”.
The great Italian cook and gastronomist Pellegrino Artusi wrote in 1891 about tagliatelle that “People in Bologna have a saying: ‘short checks and long tagliatelle’. They are right, for long checks scare poor husbands, and short tagliatelle show the incompetence of their maker, and, if served, look like leftovers”.
Just any sauce goes well with tagliatelle! Meat, fish or vegetables. Full speed ahead with creativity!

Tagliatelle – 1.102 lb made only with Tuscan durum wheat semolina


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The semolina with which our pasta is made comes from the milling of cereals that are grown exclusively in Tuscany, and that are cultivated with agronomic practices aiming to respect both soil and environment, essential prerequisites for a high-quality product.

The semolina is selected with special attention to the quality rather than the quantity of gluten it contains, in that gluten represents the major part of the proteins that are present in pasta.

Our pasta is produced in small amounts, with great care and craftsmanship: the dough is made with excellent ingredients; bronze extruders (perforated bronze plates that cut and shape the pasta) guarantee its correct roughness; it is dried slowly (drying time varies according to the pasta format) at a temperature between 30 and 35° C (86 – 95° F).

Pasta made with durum wheat semolina
Our pasta is made mixing all the ingredient “a freddo” (that is, using all ingredients at low temperature), using only bronze extruders (perforated bronze plates that cut and shape the pasta), and is dried at low temperature.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water.

It contains gluten.

Cooking time: 7 minutes.
Cooking time is merely indicative, and it can be varied according to taste.


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