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They say Spaghetti was imported from China by Marco Polo, when he returned to Venice at the end of the XIII century.

Wrong! This story was invented in the US for commercial aims by the National Macaroni Manufacturers Assocation, and spread in 1929 through their magazine, Macaroni Journal.

It is impossible to state for sure where or when spaghetti was invented, although any hypothesis must take into account the fact that the Italian peninsula has been the very center of the production of pasta since the XII century.

By now, spaghetti are universally seen in our imaginary as a synonym to Italian cooking, as Italian writer Giuseppe Prezzolini, suggested back in 1957 in his book Maccheroni & Co.: “Spaghetti belong by right to the Italian civilization, just as–and even more than–Dante.”

There is no sauce that doesn’t go well with spaghetti! Full speed ahead with creativity!!

Spaghetti – 1.102 lb made only with Tuscan durum wheat semolina


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The semolina with which our pasta is made comes from the milling of cereals that are grown exclusively in Tuscany, and that are cultivated with agronomic practices aiming to respect both soil and environment, essential prerequisites for a high-quality product.

The semolina is selected with special attention to the quality rather than the quantity of gluten it contains, in that gluten represents the major part of the proteins that are present in pasta,

Our pasta is produced in small amounts, with great care and craftsmanship: the dough is made with excellent ingredients; bronze extruders (perforated bronze plates that cut and shape the pasta) guarantee its correct roughness; it is dried slowly (drying time varies according to the pasta format) at a temperature between 30 and 35° C (86 – 95° F).

Pasta made with durum wheat semolina
Our pasta is made mixing all the ingredient “a freddo” (that is, using all ingredients at low temperature), using only bronze extruders (perforated bronze plates that cut and shape the pasta), and is dried at low temperature.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water.

It contains gluten.

Cooking time: 11 minutes.


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