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Red peeled lentils require no soaking and cook in about ten minutes. They are suited for any recipe, from salads to soups and creams; they can substitute meat when making meatballs, and can be served as a main or a side dish.

Red Peeled Lentils 10.58 ounces


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Red lentils are a lentil ecotype that grows into a bushy plant that develops in a semi-prostrate position, about 30-40 cm. tall (11.81-15.74 inches). The peeled lentils are small, and have a characteristic orange color. Very palatable, their texture is pleasantly soft, their flavor is intense and aromatic, with both sweet and sour notes. They have a high protein content, and are rich in iron, minerals, and B vitamins.

Our red lentils are cultivated in the municipality of Sorano, in the Tuscan province of Grosseto, in medium-textured soil that is rich in potassium.

The lentils are sowed between November and December, and are picked up and stored by the farmers. The soil is worked on its surface so as to avoid the growth of weeds which, when needed, are mechanically removed. The lentil fields are subject to crop rotation, and need neither fertilizing nor irrigating. No synthetic chemicals are used to control plant diseases and parasites, but only products allowed in organic farming.

Collecting and storing the lentils
They are collected in the month of June. Once shelled, all impurities are eliminated. The lentils then undergo the “cold treatment”, in order to protect them from insects: they are placed in cold storage at freezing temperature (about -20° C/-4° F) for a few days.

Directions for use
Store in a dry place.
Before use, a visual check is advisable, so as to remove any remaining impurities. They do not require soaking, and their cooking time is about 10 minutes from the boil; once cooked, their soft, creamy texture makes them the perfect ingredient of soups and creams.


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