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These beans present an intense flavor and aroma, and are especially suitable for all kinds of soups.
Slow food presidia protect and preserve small producers of high-quality products, who work following traditional methods.

Red Beans from Lucca 10.58 ounces


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The Red Beans from Lucca are a bean ecotype that grows into a bushy, not climbing plant, about 50-60 cm. tall (19.68-23.62 inches). They come in various shades of red, with streaks that vary from burgundy to blackish. Their flavor is intense and their texture is soft, yet firm.

The Red Beans from Lucca, a Slow Food Presidium, are cultivated in farms whose fields are all in the plain of Lucca, in particular in the municipalities of Lucca, Capannori, and Porcari. There, the skeleton soil (with mineral particles larger than 0.07 inches in diameter) is loose, and the ground is rich in waterways.

The Red Beans from Lucca, a Slow Food Presidium, are cultivated by producers that belong to the association “Il rosso e i suoi fratelli” (Red beans and their brothers). The beans are sown between May and July, and are picked and stored by the farmers. The soil is worked on its surface so as to avoid the growth of weeds, which, when needed, are mechanically removed. The fields are fertilized only with manure or other organic fertilizers. They are watered with a proper and responsible management of irrigation. No synthetic chemicals are used to control plant diseases and parasites.

Collecting and storing
The beans are harvested in the months of August and September, then left to dry in the sun for about one week; afterwards, the pods are shelled, and all impurities are removed before the beans undergo the “cold treatment”, which protects them from insects: the beans are placed in cold storage at freezing temperature (about -20° C/-4° F) for 15 days.

Directions for use
Store in a dry place.
Before use, a visual check is advisable, so as to remove any remaining impurities.
Before cooking, soak in cold water for at least 12 hours.
Cooking time (adding salt only at the end) is about 2 hours.


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