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Spaghetti 1.102 lb

Spaghetti, in the universal imagination, has by now become synonymous with Italian culture, as, moreover, already suggested by Giuseppe Prezzolini, in the 1957 book Maccheroni & C.: “spaghetti have the right to belong to the Italian civilization as more than Dante”.

There is no seasoning that does not suit spaghetti! Go ahead with the fantasy!

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Our customers say:

I bought durum wheat semolina pasta, to be exact trenette and paccheri.

I received the products in a few days and I was able to verify that they are really excellent, definitely above average quality. I’ll be making a larger purchase again within the week!

Luisa Messeri

A selection of truly made in Italy products of excellent quality. I immediately wanted to try a few types of pasta and I feel really very satisfied.

W good and healthy products.

Luca Sorrentino

Fast delivery and well cared for even in the packaging, which prevents everything from arriving “chopped”.

The pasta is very good, and the centellino turned out to be an excellent gift for my father!

Mara Bonaccossi

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